Odata.error code authorization_requestdenied
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The app and all consent associated with that app is now gone. AppKey , new UserIdentifier userObjectId, UserIdentifierType.

odata.error code authorization_requestdenied

Once the subscription is linked to the Organizational account, you will be able to logon to the Azure management portal with the same and manage your directory. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. It looks like there are no more Users and Roles object in directoryObjects class.

odata.error code authorization_requestdenied

Untitled - Essentially, is there a way to generate the client id and password like the Azure Portal did for me? If you Google Bing around a bit you will find that your Application needs to be assigned an administrative role in Azure.

odata.error code authorization_requestdenied

I have setup the entire code as detailed in the guide. Insufficient privileges to complete the operation. SampleAppException: Insufficient privileges to complete the operation. Any idea why I might be getting this error? I get this as well. Hoping this is a recent code that can be worked around? What made this work for me was updating the api-version in web. Hopefully this might help someone else with this issue. I have run into this same issue. After working just fine, I started getting the exact unauthorized error message that you received.
Perhaps there was some sort of a race condition, and one of my Saves ended up overwriting the correct app permissions after-the-fact.

Authorization using Azure AD Application Roles

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